The Edgewood SWCD is offering curb-side service for grass seed by appointment only. 


All curb-side sales must be paid for in advance by credit card.


Call the District Office at 832-1111 for more information.


Grass seed stock is available for purchase year round! 

Prices range between

$8.00 - $38.00 per pound depending on type.


To purchase, call the office

8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Monday - Friday


Order can be placed via telephone with a credit card.


We offer curbside pickup!


Arriba Western Wheatgrass                          $15.00 / lb

Wheatgrass is a major range grass in the northern and central Great Plains, where it is used for pasture, hay, and erosion control. Western Wheatgrass develops slowly from seed, is drought resistant, and has moderate alkali tolerance. Recommended seeding rate for Western Wheatgrass is 9+ Lbs. to the acre. Arriba Western Wheatgrass has rapid germination and good seedling establishment. Dense, dark-green, medium-height foliage: aggressive rhizomes. Superior to other accessions tested in seed production.

Dryland Blend                                               $8.00 / lb

A mixture of hardy, drought tolerant grasses adapted to the Northern Great Plains and Intermountain regions. It is widely adapted to many soil types and elevations of 3,000 - 10,000 feet. The mixture is ideal for areas not receiving regular irrigation. This is a cool season mix, with growth patterns up to 4 feet tall.

Blue Grama                                                   $38.00 / lb

Blue Grama grass is a warm season tufted perennial grass. It is native to the short and tall grass prairies. Blue Grama can grow up to 18 inches tall. It grows as a bunch of grass, forming open sod mats. As it matures and is grazed on by animals, bunches grow together and form the thick sod. Blue Grama is an important prairie grass because it’s dense, shallow root mass holds down the soil and keeps it from blowing away. Blue Grama is 6-12 inches high. It has flat leaves that come to a point at the end. The leaves can grow from 1-10 inches long and 1/8 inch wide. The flower stems grow 7-18 inches tall. The flowers looks like crescent moons perched on the end of the flower stem. A flower consists of 20-90 little spikelets. Blue Grama flowers anytime between June and August, depending on what part of the prairie it’s growing in, and how much moisture it receives.

Buffalo Grass                                                 $38.00 / lb

Buffalo Grass is a warm season grass that becomes green in mid-to-late May and becomes dormant again around late September once night temperatures begin to freeze. Once established, it requires little supplemental water or fertilizer, is low-growing, and therefore needs little mowing.

Native Lawn Mix                                             $38.00 / lb  

Blue Grama is a very economical way to cover larger areas growing in tall bunches. Seeds can be sown beginning in late spring or early summer when the night temperatures reach 60°F and continue through the summer. Buffalo Grass is also a very economical way to cover large areas growing low and spreading, as well as is easy to maintain needing little mowing and little water or fertilizer once establishes. It greens up in mid-to-late May and becomes dormant again in late September once temperatures begin to freeze. As a mixture, the Blue Grama (tall bunches) and Buffalo Grass (low-spreading), mesh well together providing a good “lawn” cover of green grass.

Telephone Orders being taken for grass seed

with credit card payment. 





THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 2024 10:00 AM



Thursday, March 7,2024

10:00 AM 


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