The Edgewood Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) would first like to extend our condolences for the losses during the Dog Head Fire.


Edgewood SWCD staff has been working closely with the US Forest Service (USFS), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Pueblo of Isleta, and Bernalillo and Torrance Counties to ensure that the fire rehabilitation on both the USFS and private properties is being addressed.


We understand that the process is slow, and wanted to give you an update of work so far.  The Edgewood SWCD has secured the following: 


  • Site assessments were conducted by Technician, Kelly Smith and Watershed Scientist; Cody Stropki and NRCS staff.
  • Staff has secured funding through the Emergency Watershed Protection Program (EWP) application through NRCS for post fire rehabilitation in the amount of $270,952.50. 
  • Edgewood SWCD is responsible for required match totaling $90,317.50.
  • Edgewood SWCD has been awarded State Disaster Assistance Funding for HESCO Baskets which will be used to secure the Bridge in Chilili in the amount of $43,926. 
    • The Pueblo of Isleta, Chilili Land Grant, will assist the Army Corps of Engineers and HESCO Rep with installation on 9/12/16.
    • 75 tons of sand will be donated by Vulcan Materials Company of Albuquerque for this construction.
  • Private funding has been received by ESWCD for assistance in the amount of $7,000
  • Edgewood SWCD has applied to the State Board of Finance for Emergency Funds in the amount of $150,000 for this restoration work.
  • Edgewood SWCD Dog Head Fire Restoration Cost-Share Applications have been distributed for area residents who do not qualify for EWP Funding.  This is a 75%-90% local funding provided by the Edgewood SWCD, with a maximum reimbursement of $4500 per landowner within the burned area. 
  • Edgewood SWCD has purchased two weather stations that have been installed in Chilili, which will be coordinated with Bernalillo and Torrance County Emergency Office Coordinators (EOC) for flood alarm alerts. 


Now that the EWP funds have been secured, we expect work to begin within the next few weeks.  Once NRCS gives Edgewood SWCD the letter to proceed, staff will be making contact with you to discuss the full procedure of these funds and provide a list of certified contractors for each practice within the contract.


As stated prior, the projects that have been approved for the EWP funding, are being paid at 75% of the total project cost by USDA-NRCS, and the 25% match will be provided by the Edgewood SWCD as the EWP Sponsor.


We realize that there may be more rehabilitation work to be done.  Once the EWP contract has been completed, and weather permitting, Kelly Smith and/or Cody Stropki will be making additional site visits with your permission to assess what further work, if any can possibly be done.


If further work is required, it will be through the Edgewood SWCD Dog Head Rehabilitation Funding, which is a 75%-90% reimbursement payment of a maximum of $4500 per landowner.




Beekeeping Workshop

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Dog Head Fire Restoration Funding Application




Dog Head Fire Restoration Guidelines
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Dog Head Restoration Application
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February 2, 2017

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